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Hey! I'm liane.

here's a bit of an introduction.

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  1. According to the My Little Pony name generator my alter-ego name is Tiny Moonlight. Check it out and tell me yours. (You know you want to)

  2. One of my favorite things about this work is that people share their birth stories with me. Hilarious anecdotes - a partner who insisted on eating a crumbly croissant over a labouring mother. Tales of long difficult labours followed joyous connection. The stories as diverse as the mothers that share them and each equally moving. These stories deserve reverence. To be told and retold. Passed to future generations who will weave their own story into the larger tapestry of our community.

  3. Leaving my ‘day job’ was one of the proudest moments of my life. Amongst the conflicted feelings of leaving the security of a fortnightly payment was a sense of both sheer terror and elation. I cannot even describe it.

  4. I’m freakishly good at Paper, Scissors, Rock.

  5. I love the concept of ‘less, but better’ so I’m always making small upgrades in my life that have a big impact. For example my favorite mug from Daisy Cooper Ceramics brings me so much joy! My hands wrap perfectly around it and the texture is earthy and raw on the bottom and smooth and glossy on the top.

  6. My next must-visit destinations are Seoul, New Orleans and Portland. Not necessarily in that order.

  7. Choosing to spend my life with my husband is one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. He’s sweet, funny, sexy and he gives me the space to pursue my passions and continues to love me as I evolve. Oh and he makes THE BEST banana bread. I always add cream cheese frosting.

  8. Im a Birth Becomes Her certified photographer

  9. I’m in love with nice stationary and have a weakness for print magazines.

  10. I LOVE taking creative classes - some of the classes I’ve taken recently include screenprinting, film photography, hand built ceramics and im currently eyeing off a beginners mandala print workshop.