"When you birth a child, you birth yourself"

In addition to photos that you will treasure forever, what I offer is an experience.

Of being loved.

Of being held.

Of being truly honoured.

Expect... to be treated like the goddess you are.

Your photos of this experience will always remain, returning to this moment whenever you choose. These photos are family heirlooms that will be passed down through generations and held with reverence.

My work is very much around showcasing mamas strength, the connection between partners and of course those fresh-squishy-newborn snuggles. You will receive approx 90% in Black and White with a selection of 10% of the photos in colour.

You will receive a package in the mail with prints, we can chat about what you like and I will make recommendations on how that might look for you. Some prints are included in the base package and that is because I LOVE printed product. It breaks my heart to think of these images spending their days on a hard drive. Its all about Tangible Tales so let me take care of this for you.

Im on call for you from when you pay the deposit until your babies arrival. Im very strict about the amount of work I take on so that I can be sure to provide you with a really lush experience.

Prices starting from $1850 and payment plans are available.

Fresh 48

Not quite a birth session, not quite a newborn. If you’re concerned about your privacy and don’t want another person in the room but still want to capture the emotion of the first hours.

Text me when you’re in early labour so that I can make sure im ready. After baby has arrived, give me a call and I will make my way to you as soon as possible. The reason this is more expensive than a traditional newborn photoshoot is because I am still on-call for your family.

  • In hospital, 1 hour session

  • as soon as possible after babies arrived, ill aim for within an hour of your phone call.

  • 30 images via digital gallery

Starting from $1299