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it all started with a workshop that i wasn’t sure i should be at.

Allow me to explain. I had taken time off from my government job to breathe and have some space for creativity. My saturn return was in full swing and I knew I didn’t want to be both 30 years old and working a miserable job. I’d signed up for a photography workshop on a whim. It was pitched at people running a photography business which …. I wasn’t. *insert fraudy feelings here*

As I looked at the work of the other participants in the lead up to the workshop I got increasingly nervous. It was a weekend workshop about an hour away from my home, as I drove I convinced myself that I just needed to show up and if I was too out of my depth I could leave. It was about 3 mins in that my nervousness dropped away. The facilitator was captivating. I was learning SO much and it didn’t matter that I wasn’t yet running the business, it gave me the foundation that I needed to start.

The second day of the workshop we were reviewing our inspiration images and the facilitator looked right at me and said:

“Liane, do you want to be a birth photographer?”


Cue opening up the heavens and the sound of angels singing:  YES. I think I was more surprised than she was. In that moment I realised this is my calling, the work I am here to do and I’ve been shooting births ever since.

And from home births to hospital births, slow quiet births to really fast precipitous births

this has always been my work.