What if your baby could grow up in a world where it never once occurred to them to deny themselves something they love for fear of getting 'fat'

What if they never stepped into the revolving door of fad diets. First we are taught that fats are bad, then carbs and later sugar. Eat like a caveman they say without taking into account the cave people they are referring to only lived till 30.

What if your baby girl didn't remove herself from P.E class at 11 when her body started changing, or stop going to swim squad that she loved so much for fear of someone noticing her hips.

This culture constantly tells our girls to stay small and dainty. To be quiet. But what if we could run wild + free? What if they were taught to follow their instincts above all else. What if we learnt to follow our souls calling instead of the constant barrage of external influences who are telling us we aren't good enough in order to sell us something to make us worthy.

“The most profound thing we have to offer our children is our own healing"

You have the power to change this for your lineage. To honour your inner child and tell her she is perfect as she is. When you see yourself through my eyes, particularly when giving birth I can show you:

your beauty

your presence

your power

your vulnerability

I treat you and your birth experience with the reverence and honour you deserve. This can be deeply transformational work. You have the opportunity to rewrite your relationship with your body, to access more of yourself and step into your power. To rewrite who you are as a woman and who you are as a mother. Before the story really starts, When you offer yourself this deep healing you also inoculate your babies and their community too.

I’m inviting you to weave this thread with me, to heal your relationship with yourself, not just for you but for the women who follow in your lineage. You get to be a ripple within the community and one day the relationships we have with our bodies wont need to be healed because they wont be hurt.

Its a ripple + it starts with you.

Are you ready to start weaving a new thread?

Liane Bourke Photography

Melbournes most sought after Birth Photographer | Weaving Tangible Tales of Wild + Sacred Love | Enabling deep, transformational healing through refractions of light.