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You may have heard of Carla Coulson, otherwise known as, Carla Loves Photography....and if you haven't its likely you've seen her work of gorgeous ladies in flared pants roaming around Paris holding bunches of flowers so large they couldn't possibly see where they are going. 

Carla was recently in Melbourne and I was lucky enough that my friend Mel decided to invite me along to a talk at Forman Picture Framing. There was cheese, champagne and it was all around a fabulous night. The energy that Kara from Forman Picture Framing injected into the night was phenomenal. 

Carla told her story and spoke of a feeling of living her 'wrong life' unhappy, waiting for the days to turn to weekends and when she ordered her favorite dish from the local Thai take-away and along with guessing her order like Miranda in Sex and the City...they also named her customer of the year. This was not an award Carla was seeking. This feeling of ...being in 'the wrong life' and of wondering 'is this it, this cant be it?' was a feeling that was all too familiar to me.

You see not that long before this event I too had a 'wrong life moment'

when I realised that I didnt want to continue on the same trajectory. Id hit the milestones you're 'supposed' to hit. Job? tick! Promotion? Tick! Loving Husband? Tick! and yet there was still this yearning for something...more.

I didn't dare make eye contact with my friend for fear of losing it and sobbing both loudly and uncontrollably. Yet the tears poured silently down my face in recognition and as I looked around the room I realised that was why each and every one of us was there. Not just because we love Carla's photos. The tears pouring down the face of each and every woman in that room was moving because it was so relatable. It was clear that our connection to Carla was because we saw a part of ourselves within her. What if we too could buy a aeroplane ticket to Paris and move to the other side of the world? If we too could follow this curiosity. To play and experiment and roam the streets of France eating bread baked fresh today and taking photos. What if we really could follow our bliss, just like Joseph Campbell said and step into a world where we can open our hearts and write books sharing that wisdom or be published in our favorite magazine? What if one day I had my own exhibition with Kara at Forman Picture Framing and had my own gathering with Champagne and Cheese and women also seeking that connection to creativity?

I hope you live a life you're proud of and if you're not, I hope you have the courage to start over again - scott f fitzgerald.

P.S. The photo in the middle is of my gorgeous friend Mel admiring the photos. (and yes, I'm also jealous of her Rapunzel hair)

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