Empty House Love


I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a photoshoot with Rebeka’s gorgeous family in a house they had recently finished renovating. The house was sold, the furniture gone and we got to spend an afternoon just playing.

When a mum books her first family session with me, I can guarantee they almost always say some version of ….’my kids can a be a little boisterous’ or.. ‘im worried my toddler isn’t that well behaved.’ Well of course not!! To me, this is part of the fun! Embrace the chaos. The photoshoot is not about everyone sitting facing the camera with a cheesy smile. Instead its about documenting this moment for exactly what it is, a moment.

All presence

All joy

A little chaos

(ok maybe a lot of chaos when we throw a dog or two into the mix as well!)

Want to document your families Wild + Sacred Love? I only have 3 family sessions for 2018 so get in touch if one of these sessions is yours!

Rebeka and her business partner, Kribashini run Build Her Collective that helps women to build the house of their dreams without the overwhelm. They have an online course as well as in-person events - head on over to their website to check it out!