Photographs as a map

My friend Donna and I attended a talk on aboriginal astronomy. My main takeaway from this talk was this: When Westerners buy aboriginal art they think its for the beauty. Something to decorate their homes with.

What they are really looking at is a map.

This single sentence pierced through me like an arrow through the heart, like a tiny pinprick had opened a world of light. I was overcome with emotion and nearly burst into tears, covered in goosebumps I thought YES. This is what my art is too. A map.

Not googlemaps or a melways but an indication showing you the direction home. When I take photographs at your birth, im providing you with both an opportunity to time travel and a map so you can always return there.

You can return to that time and that experience whenever you want to, and while you can still get there without the photographs, they provide a prompt.

Something tangible to hold in your hands as you submerge into the story.

The midwife who supported you, the way your partner looked at you, the layout of the room and the song on your spotify playlist. These details matter and they will slowly fade which is why its so important to me to catch them for you. So that you can allow that oxytocin bliss so flow over you again. So you can be outside of yourself looking at your power and vulnerability. Marianne Williamson said 'it is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.' You need not be afraid, let me light the way.

Being seen is scary. When it comes to birth this is such a pared back and true sense of the word. Naked, vulnerable. Your true nature. There is no capacity for manners or niceties, the way in which you were cultured to behave in your day to day life stripped back. Your TRUE essence. The essence of you. The essence of your partners relationship with you. The essence of your birth.

Because for me, it was never really about the baby. I know that ultimately by healing mum, I offer the baby a world in which no healing is required because they've never been hurt.

When you see yourself through my lens, you will never be the same again. My true ability is to tap into your power and reflect it back to you. What can happen, as a result of that is that you get to see yourself in a whole new light. Reclaim lost parts of yourself and truly step into your power. Not only can it metamorphise your relationship with yourself but also the relationships of those surrounding you. What greater gift could you possibly offer your baby, your partner, your family, your community?

It starts with a ripple.

It starts with you.

If you would like me to document your birth please get in touch as soon as possible.

A testimonial:

You know, for a couple of weeks after Savannah was born, I would shudder when recalling my labour and birth experience.  It was traumatic.  I didn’t feel empowered, it wasn’t how I’d imagined, I was disappointed.  But in the coming weeks since, I’ve learned to let it go, through patience, acceptance and meditation. 

And what really sealed the ‘letting go’ for me, were your photos and your gifts.

I had forgotten about how Steve fed me jelly in labour – so did he.  I had forgotten about how we giggled when he tried to tie my hair up.  I had even forgotten what the birthing suite looked like.  It was your photos that conjured up all those warm and fuzzy feelings, the pleasant moments, the happy ones.  And now I’m slowly starting to recall my labour with fondness and gratitude, and not feelings of disappointment. 

I can’t stop looking at the photos, each time recalling a different emotion. 

We bloody love them, and we are so grateful to you for your kindness, your professionalism and your support before, during and after Savannah’s birth.  We can’t wait to tell her about you when she’s older. 

And if we go for baby #2, you’ll be our first port of call! 

Thank you so much for everything Liane.  We are so humbled, so grateful, and so thankful for you and your work.

So much warmth, and beautiful blessings,

Steve, Kez, Sav & Kev xoxo

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