If you arent photogenic

The myth that you "aren't photogenic"

"But if a mirror ever makes you sad, you should know, that it does not know you,"  


I would guess that approximately 80% of my clients say some version of ‘Im awkward in front of the camera’ or ‘Im not very photogenic’

Of course this isn’t at all true and I wonder if this is the legacy of the a cringeworthy school photo where they had patches on the ground of where to put your feet and turn your head a little then BAM the flash right in your eyes resulting in WAIT I wasn’t ready!! But its too late they’ve already moved onto the next kid for their photo.

Or maybe its series of bright flashes- papparazzi style straight into your eyes when your great aunt takes a photo when you’re almost sure to be blinking in the photo and it takes a few seconds for your eyes to readjust.

Or maybe its the way you look at yourself in the mirror, programmed to see ‘flaws’ often these flaws were sold to you by someone who profits from you feeling bad about yourself.

This is the opposite of what you can expect when you work with me. Its not invasive or intrusive, instead its about presence. I love getting to know the people I work with so we will chat about the holiday you’re planning or how excited you are about your first baby arriving. Maybe we will chat about how you took your sleep for granted before becoming a new parent.

There is beauty in the way you hold yourself, the way your hair moves in the wind, Ive practiced anticipating and catching these moments of beauty so you can see what I see.

At worst you can do what I did and close your eyes and hide in the lavender


The second phrase I hear a lot is ‘my kids are a bit boisterous’

Well of course your children might run around like maniacs - this is to be expected and part of the fun so instead of wanting it to be different lets embrace the moment exactly as it is. Because these moments are fleeting so lets make some magic now.

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