A few of my favourite things.....


- Coffee. Ill either have a Long Black or an Almond Magic depending on the mood

- Bulgogi and Kim Chi (Korean food for the win!)

- Thick paper and the smell of old books

- Loose leaf tea in handmade ceramic mugs

- The benefits of meditation, even though I sometimes struggle to prioritise the practice

- Reading the daily routines and rituals on

- Podcasts of all descriptions but especially Health Fuels Hustle, The Life Coach School and Good Company with Grace Bonney.

- My favourite flowers are ranunculus 

-  Both the mountains AND the beach (please don't make me choose)

- Dancing with my husband when no-one is watching, in the lounge room, in the Coles my experience real romance is not like the movies

- Birth! The pulsing umbilical cord, the vernix, the quiet moments between contractions, the sweet whispers in your partners ear. People think I'm a birth photographer because I like babies but Ive gotta tell you a little secret...... for me its not about the babies. I love strong, wild women. I love seeing the connection with their partners. I love seeing them in awe of what their body is capable of. Who wouldn't fall in love with that? 

Now its your turn, tell me at least 3 things you LOVE.