A world without a passport

Of course it wasn't really about that tiny blue booklet with a gold emblem on the front.

It was about the freedom it represented

and the stamps held within from strange encounters at customs where you wonder if you'll ever make it across the border. 

Did you hear? Apparently as technology improves, passports will become obsolete

Look don't get me wrong, after a long haul flight Im quite happy to see those AU & NZ fast gates and high-tail it home. I get travel anxiety like the best of us, but thats a tale for another day. I also get a lot of joy of flicking through that tiny booklet and reminiscing on the places I've been and how quickly time flies. 

My first overseas trip was to India when I was 12 years old on a school exchange. Looking back now I’m not sure how my parents made their peace with allowing me to go. I had a 7:30 bedtime and I wasn’t allowed to watch Scream so it was definitely out of character for them to wave goodbye at the departures gate. That trip was the beginning of my love affair with travel. The sights and sounds, the people, the weather and even the way the air feels different pressed against your face. So universal, so similar, familiar and yet equally so incredibly different.

More recently travels have included eating the most incredibly delicious Ethiopian food while staying in Amsterdam, wondering whether I’d make it home and ever see my family again after stepping into an unmarked taxi in Bulgaria and wandering the streets of Edinburgh checking out all the cafes, op shops and art galleries.

That tiny blue booklet is a reminder of those people and places, its a window to a memory. Perhaps memories that I haven’t spent enough time dreaming about. Of course the memories are mine forever and thats the important part but its also nice to hold a tangible window to the memory.


Lets Go Places